The following list includes recent grants of several types (research, training, research education, instrumentation, program project).

Benson M.D.  (PI; 30% effort).  Ephrin control of palate fusion.  NIH/NIDCR DE022894-01A (R01); 2014-2019; $1.25 M.

Dechow P.C. (PI).  Integrative analysis of hominid feeding biomechanics. NSF 0523159; 2007-2014, $218,752.

Dechow P.C.(Co-I). Evaluation of the bone phenotype of gene-altered animals and/or the effects of novel bone active compounds in animal/NHP models; Amgen; 2012-2014; $67,500.

Dechow P.C. (Co-I)  Teaching, evaluating and applying critical thinking in healthcare.  Texas A&M University HSC; 2014-2016; $9,200.

Feng J.Q. (PI).  Tooth root formation: An emerging signaling pathway.  R56DE022789-01A1; 2013-2015; $200,000

Feng J.(PI), Qin C. (Co PI) .  DMP1 mutations: Defects in Odontogenesis.  NIH/NIDCR R01 DE15209; 2008-2015; $1,162,500.

Feng J.Q. (Co-PI, 5%.  Load-mediated adaptation of the bone-PDL-tooth complex in vertebrates.  NIH/NIDCR R01 DE022032-01A1, Administrative supplement; $60,000/yr.

Feng J.Q. (Co-PI, 5%).  Sclerostin antagonism and the osteocyte's role:  Prevention of bone loss after spinal cord injury.  VA RR&D Merit Award B1313R; $20,000/yr.

Feng J.Q. (PI, 5%).  The key role of osteocytes in weightlessness-caused bone loss.  Texas A&M; 2014-2015, $25,000.

Groppe J.C. (PI).  Structural basis of ACVR1 dysregulation in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.  Center for Research in FOP & Related Disorders, UPenn School of Medicine; 2006-2016; $150,000.

Honeyman A.  Analysis of carbohydrate transport specificity in S. mutans. NIH/NIDCR Pathogen Functional Genomics Resource Center Award.  Ongoing; materials only.

Honeyman A. Identification of P. gingivalis virulence factors.  NIH/NIDCR Pathogen Functional Genomics Resource Center Award.  Ongoing; materials only.

Honeyman A.  In vitro analysis of Socklt on an Enterococcus faecalis biofilm.   McMerlin Dental.  Ongoing.

Kramer P.R. (PI). Estrogen and TMJ pain.  NIH/NIDCR R01 DE022129; 2012-2016; $1,000,000.

Kramer P.R.  Co-PI.  Quick-set endodontic material, Phase II SBIR.  NIH/NINDS  2013-2015; $260,000

Liu X. (PI). Development of biomimetic three-dimensional scaffolds for regulating cell behavior and fate.  Texas A&M-Weizmann Institute of Science; 2012-2015; $200,000.

Liu X.  Nanofibrous hollow microspheres for bone regeneration.  NIH/NIDCR 1R03 DE22838-01A1; 2013-2015; PI; $150,000.

Liu X  (PI). Novel pharmacotherapeutic bioadhesive patch for oral ulcerations.  NIH/NIDCR 1R41 DE024343-01;  8/2014-1/2015; no-cost extension to 7/30/15; $124,750.

Liu X (PI). Alveolar bone regeneration for dental implant placement.  Texas A&M University (NSFC)  and Research grant (China); 2013 - no-cost extension to 2015; $25,000.

Lu Y. (PI). Studies of the roles of Twist1 and E12 in tooth morphogenesis.  NIH/NIDCR R03 DE021773-01; 2011-2014; $150,000.

Lu Y. (PI). Identification and function of nuDMP in odontoblast differentiation.  NIH/NIDCR 1 R01 DE023365-01; 2013-2017; $900,000.

Opperman L. (PI).  Use of natural dental implants as a minimally invasive approach to replacing teeth, Phase II. Natural Dental Implants, Inc.;  2012-2014; $77,792.

Opperman L. (PI, subcontract), Kramer P. (Co-I), Schneiderman E. (Co-I), Woodmansey K (Co-I). Quick-set endodontic material.  NIH/NIDCR R44 DE020204-01; 2012-2014; $214,793.

Opperman L. (PI, subcontract (5%) Schneiderman E. (Co-I). Quick set endodontic material: Supplemental grant; NIH/NIDCR R44 DE0202204-01S; 2014 - 2015; PI ; $68,353

Opperman L. (Co-I); Schneiderman E. (Data analysis).  Oral health status of independent elder residents in assisted living facility in Dallas, TX - pilot study. Delta Dental; 2012-2015; $48,105.

Opperman L. (Consultant) Novel pharmacotherapeutic bioadhesive patch for oral ulcerations.  NIHCR/STTR R41 DE024343-01; 8/14 - 7/15; $149,791.

Qin C. (PI), Feng J (Co-PI), Groppe J (Co-I). The roles of FAM20C (DMP4) in odontogenesis and osteogenesis.  NIH/NIDCR 1 R01 DE022549-01A1:1-5; 2012-2017; $1,250,000.

Qin C. (PI), Feng J.  (Co-PI). Studies of the roles of DMP1 and DSPP in osteogenesis and dentinogenesis.  NIH/NIDCR R01 DE005092; 2009-2015; $873,000.

Qin C. (Consultant).  The role of FAM20C in the phosphorylation of SIBLING proteins.  NIH/NIDCR R03 DE023873 2014-2016; $150,000.

Qin C. (Consultant).  Mechanism of ephrin signaling in mammalian palatal fusion.  NIH/NIDCR R01DE022804; 2014-2019; $1,250,000.

Schneiderman E. (Collaborator).  Silicon, a new anti-oxidant role in bone healing.  NIH/NIDCR R03; 2014-2015; $157,726.

Spears R. (Co-I); Schneiderman E. (Program Faculty).  Bridge to Dentistry: Awareness to practicing/teaching/research.  HRSA D34 HP24458,  2012-2017; $2,500,000.

Svoboda K.K. (Consultant).  Identification and function of nuD-MP1 in odontoblast differentiation: NIH/NIDCR1 R01DE023365-01; 2013-2017; $900,000.

Tao F. (PI).  A new animal model for stress-induced transition from acute to chronic pain.  NIH/NIDCR R01 DE022880; 2012-2017; $1,250,000.

Tao F.  (PI).  A new animal model for stress-induced transition from acute to chronic pain.  NIH/NIDCR K02   DE023551; 2014-2019; $521,820.

Varanasi V. (PI).   Silicon, a new antioxidant for bone healing.  NIH/NIDCR;  2014 - 2016; $150,000.

Wang X.  (PI).  Role of FAM20C in the phosphorylation of SIBLINs.  NIH/NIDCR R03; 2014-2016; $150,000.