What is an OMS externship? 

An opportunity for dental students who have a special interest in oral and maxillofacial surgery as a future career choice to gain additional knowledge, clinical experience and insight that is not gained in most predoctoral dental school curricula.

What does an extern do and learn?

OMS externs gain experience in performing dentoalveolar surgery, observing major craniofacial surgery procedures, making rounds with OMS residents, attending hospital and departmental meetings, standing Emergency Room call with OMS residents. Externs generally acknowledge acquiring considerable knowledge while attending the various meetings and conferences at both the College and at Baylor University Medical Center.

Who qualifies to become an extern?

Only clinically qualified 3rd and 4th year dental student applicants from ADA-accredited dental schools are accepted. Since students are generally not allowed to work on patients until that point in their education, they therefore are not considered until they have finished their 2nd year so that they can maximize their experiences and involvement while on the rotation.

When is the program offered?

We accept externs year round if we have staffing and facilities to accommodate them. Many externs rotate here during the summer months or other breaks when their normal academic responsibilities are lightened or suspended. To maximize student experience and involvement a maximum of two externs are placed at any given time  and placement is on a first-come, first-served basis after acceptance into the program. Standbys will be called in the event of cancellations, if that is requested at the time of application.

How long does an externship last?

Externs are usually asked to spend two weeks with us in order to maximize their experiences and fully participate. However, shorter or longer periods are considered upon request.

How do I apply? 

Submit the externship application with all required documentation to the program coordinator.  Applications will not be considered until all documents are received. For a list of required documents refer to the externship application.

Applications are mailed to:

Texas A&M College of Dentistry
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department
ATTN: Program Coordinator
3302 Gaston Avenue
Dallas, TX 75246

About Housing

Housing arrangements are the responsibility of the extern. We will help as much as possible but on-campus housing cannot be guaranteed. Discounts are often available from nearby hotels, dorms, or apartment complexes with short-term leasing. 

What do externs have to provide?

Externs are expected to provide their own surgical scrub attire (tops and bottoms) for the entire rotation period and a clean, white laboratory-style, doctor's coat. Students should also bring OSHA-approved protective eye wear. The college does not provide laundry facilities but there are commercial laundries within walking distance of the college.

Who do I contact with my questions?

Contact the residency training office at 214-828-8170 or email the coordinator.